Are You Sabotaging Your God Sized Dream??

Have you ever had a dream so big it scared you?? You know those dreams, that you know could only be God because there is no way in the natural that it could happen.  Yeah me too!  They are pretty cool, when I think about them it excites me!  It gets me so pumped up to see God show off and to know that He wants to do that through me!!

However, have you ever wondered why you are no closer to that God sized dream than you were last year or even yesterday??  Honestly, there are times I don’t even want to think about the dreams God has placed on my heart because they seem so far away and it actually hurts to know people are hurting out there and you cannot help them yet.  Today in frustration, I was crying out to God about this and He gave me this thought: Could the reason I am not seeing these dreams happen is because I am actually self-sabotaging the dream???  God gave me this “ah-ha” moment!  God sees the potential in us, but we don’t have the right mindset to see that potential yet.  Oh, we are not purposely sabotaging it, we genuinely would be so excited for it to happen.  However, we have old programming, called our subconscious, that needs to be retrained.  When we accepted Christ, we became a new creation, all things are made new!! Whoot!  Whoot!! However, we don’t forget our past and our past experience effect how we act and react in the present.  Romans 12:2 tells us to renew our mind!!  God showed me, if we want to see that God sized dream happen we need to renew our mindset!!

Lets say, you have a word of financial blessings spoken over your life, you eagerly await that blessing but nothing happens.  You wonder why, and often times give up on the dream (self-sabotaging).  Did it ever occur to you that in order to see this come to pass you would have to make room for that blessing to happen in your life??  Your probably thinking…Make Room… What do you mean??  Well, answer me this question: Are you managing the money you have now well??  Most likely the answer is no!  That is were we need to make room, we need new training on how to manage our money.  Whether that be reading a book, attending a seminar, or attending a class, we need to reprogram our mind in the way we view and use money!

You can take this an apply this to any dream God has given you!  You dream of being a missionary; what steps are you taking to learn about missionaries, to get the proper training.  You dream of running a orphanage; are you researching what it takes to own a orphanage, etc.  We get frustrated when we don’t see God moving in our lives.  However, I propose that God is moving in your lives, He is leading you to growth.  He wants to see you grow and renew your mind, so that when the dreams come to pass you are fully equipped to handle them.

Growing is not always easy, sometimes it is even painful, and yes it takes hard work and dedication on your part!  However, if we truly want to step into our God sized destiny we will have to be willing to roll up our sleeves and get to work!!  Stop making excuses for why you haven’t seen things happening in your life, start take steps towards the dream.  Even if they are just baby steps!!

Comment below what actions you are taking today! th

Prayer Strategy

Recently, I went to see the new movie called “War Room”.  This movie really challenged me to examine my own prayer strategy for victory in our family.  Since the movie, I have set out to not only pray, but to purposely pray.  I have written out prayers for each member of my family and each day focus on a couple of them.  Like anything new, there has been resistance.  There has been constant disruptions taking away from my prayer time.  The other day, there was a lot of strife in our house.  In the midst of dealing with children fighting and bad attitudes, I cried out to the Lord and said what is going on!  The Holy Spirit, so gently brought to my memory that I had not been praying the last couple of mornings!  Yikes!!!  Me not praying was allowing holes in our walls of protection over our family!!

I knew I need to make prayer more of a priority and set things in place to prioritize my prayer time.  So, last night I made sure that I went to bed by 10 so I had no excuse to sleep in and not get up and pray!  During my quite time, as I read the book of Nehemiah the Holy Spirit gave me more insight into prayer strategy in the different seasons of my life! This new insight, really encouraged and equipped me in my prayer time.  I believe it will change the way I approach my prayer for each situation!  Check out what the Holy Spirit gave me!

Let me set the stage a bit: Nehemiah is called by God to go and rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.  He gets there, rallies all the people, and they gets to work.  Well, not everyone is happy they are rebuilding the walls and they start to threaten the builders.  When the builders are about half way done, the threats get so bad they had to set up a new strategy for building the wall:

16 From that day on, half of my men did the work, while the other half were equipped with spears, shields, bows and armor. The officers posted themselves behind all the people of Judah 17 who were building the wall. Those who carried materials did their work with one hand and held a weapon in the other, 18 and each of the builders wore his sword at his side as he worked. But the man who sounded the trumpet stayed with me.

As I read that, God showed me three different stages of prayer for different seasons of our life!  Verse 16 says, half the men were equipped with spears, shields, bows, and armor.  These men stood in the back guarding the workers as they work.  There will be season in our life when we are called to guard and protect.  They will be intense seasons of prayer for someone or something.  We will stand our ground and say, “Satan, NO MORE!”  Literally, half of the battle will be won on our knees!

The other season represented in this passage is the season of hard work. This passage states that half the men were doing the work.  You are literally in the trenches, rolling up your sleeves and working!  Many people view missionaries, or those in full-time ministry as those in this category.  However, there is so much more trench work than we give credit too.  Look at the mom, that is the greatest job of her life called to raise her children in the Lord.  Or the person who is fighting personal spiritual warfare. Or the husband who is working hard to provide and lead his family.  All of these rolls are in the trenches work.  However, one thing I find interesting in this passage, is that even the workers were not exempt from being equipped.  Verse, 18 says that even the builders wore his sword.  Even in the midst of battle we are still called to be armed with prayer!  It will look different than the person who is called to guard in prayer, and that’s ok!!  I know satan likes to get us in the comparison game, however, that will not build us up or encourage us!  God has called each of us to a certain season of prayer for each situation!

The last season I see in the passage, is the carrying season.  Verse 17 talks about those who carried material, that they worked with one hand and fought with another hand.  These carrying season can be disguised as busy seasons.  We are literally equipping others to do the work.  During this season, we have a lot of responsibilities and people are counting on us!!  However, we cannot forget our weapons!  If we are caught without our weapons we could be taken out and those who are counting on us are hurting too!  I think this can be one of the easiest seasons to get distracted.  We get so caught up in the work, that we forget to carry our protection!!  Just as the workers for Nehemiah had to do, we must learn how to balance our life with both work in one hand and prayer in the other!  It is key that we stay in tune with the Holy Spirit and be open to Him guiding and correcting us!  The Holy Spirit is so quick to say, don’t forget your weapon, when we tend to get lost in work.

This passage has really opened my eyes to a new prayer strategy in my life.  First, identify where God has positioned me in each situation I am dealing with.  Yes, you can be in different positions in different situations at different times of the same day!!  Second, is to forgive myself for anywhere that I have seen myself not fulfilling my duty.  Third, is to get to work!!

Whole Life Challenge!

I have been a health and wellness coach for almost 2 years now, and one of the hardest things is when someone you’re working with falls off the map.  You pour into someone’s life and they do well for a while, then slowly they stop answering phone calls and start going back in the same direction you helped them get out of!  It breaks my heart to see people start a transformation and then not complete it!  Everyone has their different reasons for backing down, but many times it boils down to mindsetOur mindsets can hold us back from breakthrough!  So hence, birthed the idea of a 60 day whole life challenge!  Where we not only help conquer clean eating, cleansing, and exercise, but we also deal with this stubborn thing called mindset!!

I am so excited for this challenge because never before have I offered a health challenge in conjunction with a mindset training!  This could transform those who choose to participate and complete it!  Yes, it will take commitment and time, but you are so worth it!!

Here are the details:  Challenge starts Sept. 21st and ends November 18th (yes, right before Thanksgiving)!  Daily you will log-in and complete a mindset training.  It should take about 15mins of your time!!  Everyone has 15mins they can use to help transform their mindset!!  You will use a nutritional cleansing system every day for the 60 days!  Yes, your body needs help getting rid of those built up toxins that make your body store fat and make you feel run down and sluggish!!  Plus, it will replenish your body with much needed nutrients!  You will get a 20 min weekly coaching call from one of my clean eating coaches.  We will help you learn about clean eating, give you recipes, and tips on clean eating.  We will help you create and make a meal plan to help you stay successful!  You will be added to a private FB coaching page.  We will also be hosting bi-weekly group calls to help hold each other accountable!



Can’t wait to get started??  Me either!!  Comment on this blog if you want more info or

contact me directly at!!