Christmas Giveaway Week 1: 5 Clean Cookie Recipes

Christmas Giveaway Week 1: 5 Clean Cookie Recipes

I am so excited for this Christmas season!!  Last month at our church we were talking about being generous with our time, words, and yes even money!!  One night as a lay in bed, I was thinking, how can I bless all my wonderful friends.  Then, I got this idea of giving away something each week, just to bless you!!  I wanted each week to have significance in Love Life Now.  So each give away, will have something to do with either blessing your physical body, your mind, your spirit, or all three!!

I know many of you are gearing up for Christmas parties and Christmas fun, which may involve cookies!  However, how many of you want to go to a Christmas party each sugar filled cookies and not feel well because of it.  Not me!!! So why not make cookies that taste yummy, but are not filled with the junk!!!  I have chosen 5 fun recipes, some to replace traditional Christmas cookies and some that are great all year round!!  To receive the recipes just enter name and email and the recipes will be sent to your inbox!! 

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Make sure you comment below what your favorite recipe is how they turned out!!

The Secret Reason Why Most Diets, Self-help Books, Medications, Etc. Do Not Work In the Long Run

With a title like that you are probably expecting an article bashing all diets, self-help books and medications.  Sorry, that is not happening here!!  All of those things, do have a time and place and can be helpful.  In fact, some people have huge transformations and testimonies from using them.  However, for the majority of the population, they always seem to come up short of the results they want. Look around you, I bet you can come up with 10 names of people you know who are walking around, sad, exhausted, overwhelmed with worry, basically they feel like they are living in a fog.  Most of them, have probably tried something to help them break free from it, but have seen little long term victory.

Why is that you ask???

Are you ready for the answer………………………………………???


The reason most diets, self-help books, medications are ineffective in the long run is they are used improperly!  Most people use them to treat SYMPTOMS and not the SOURCE of the issue!

Yes, it is that simple!  Diets, self-help, medications, etc., are super effective when you are using them to help correct the source of what your dealing with, but only minimally effective in the long run at treating symptoms! So you may be wondering………….

Why are we missing the source or where do we find the source??

To understand the source you need to understand first how God created us.  Our bodies are comprised of three parts: the body, the mind or soul, and the spirit.  All three of our parts work in unison to make up who we are, how we act, and how we behave. Since they are all interconnected, when something is off in one area it effects each part. Hence, creating a symptom. For example, maybe in your physical body you are always struggling with depression, and you treat it with medication, which makes it tolerable, but never totally gone. Why is that you may ask, it may be a wrong medication or it may be because the cause of the depression is not from a chemical imbalance but from a spirit of depression.  The opposite may be true too! Maybe you have been in every prayer line and you are still struggling with depression.  The source of the depression is an actual chemical imbalance that may require medicine.  Do you see the importance of finding the source of the symptom then treating it!!

Since all three parts of us are interconnected and related, it can get a little messy deciphering where the source of the problem is from.  Often, spending sometime in the presence of God listening to the Holy Spirit will help guide you in the right direction.  However, the best defense is having a great offense.  What that means is, being purposeful in taking care of each part of us is better than waiting for symptoms and trying to find the source!

Too, often we walk around taking care of only one part of who we are, that leads us to being imbalanced!  When one part of us suffer the whole body is affected.  That is where Love Life Now, was birthed from.  See, in order to truly Love, Life, Now you must nourish all three parts you. All three parts of you are so important12241600_10153264836662496_8099924989798645157_n!!  Yes, it is so important to treat your body like the temple of God that it is and nourish it with amazing food!  However, it is also important that you fuel your mind with the truth of who you are and gratitude!  Yet if you do all that, but neglect to feed your spirit nourishment everyday you will still be off balanced!

Living off balanced is what leads to symptoms, which leads to frustration as you try to solve the symptoms not the source! So, no diets, self-help books, and medication are not bad, but only effective when applied to a balanced life!!

Let’s live balanced and LOVE LIFE NOW!!!

I want to Love Life Now, but where do I start??

  • Get education on food, (esp. on sugar and processed food). I recommend Maximized Living Nutrition plans

  • Consider adding super foods to your diet
  • Read for an uplifting book 20 mins/day
  • Designate and time and place for daily devotion and prayer