Are You Sabotaging Your God Sized Dream??

Have you ever had a dream so big it scared you?? You know those dreams, that you know could only be God because there is no way in the natural that it could happen.  Yeah me too!  They are pretty cool, when I think about them it excites me!  It gets me so pumped up to see God show off and to know that He wants to do that through me!!

However, have you ever wondered why you are no closer to that God sized dream than you were last year or even yesterday??  Honestly, there are times I don’t even want to think about the dreams God has placed on my heart because they seem so far away and it actually hurts to know people are hurting out there and you cannot help them yet.  Today in frustration, I was crying out to God about this and He gave me this thought: Could the reason I am not seeing these dreams happen is because I am actually self-sabotaging the dream???  God gave me this “ah-ha” moment!  God sees the potential in us, but we don’t have the right mindset to see that potential yet.  Oh, we are not purposely sabotaging it, we genuinely would be so excited for it to happen.  However, we have old programming, called our subconscious, that needs to be retrained.  When we accepted Christ, we became a new creation, all things are made new!! Whoot!  Whoot!! However, we don’t forget our past and our past experience effect how we act and react in the present.  Romans 12:2 tells us to renew our mind!!  God showed me, if we want to see that God sized dream happen we need to renew our mindset!!

Lets say, you have a word of financial blessings spoken over your life, you eagerly await that blessing but nothing happens.  You wonder why, and often times give up on the dream (self-sabotaging).  Did it ever occur to you that in order to see this come to pass you would have to make room for that blessing to happen in your life??  Your probably thinking…Make Room… What do you mean??  Well, answer me this question: Are you managing the money you have now well??  Most likely the answer is no!  That is were we need to make room, we need new training on how to manage our money.  Whether that be reading a book, attending a seminar, or attending a class, we need to reprogram our mind in the way we view and use money!

You can take this an apply this to any dream God has given you!  You dream of being a missionary; what steps are you taking to learn about missionaries, to get the proper training.  You dream of running a orphanage; are you researching what it takes to own a orphanage, etc.  We get frustrated when we don’t see God moving in our lives.  However, I propose that God is moving in your lives, He is leading you to growth.  He wants to see you grow and renew your mind, so that when the dreams come to pass you are fully equipped to handle them.

Growing is not always easy, sometimes it is even painful, and yes it takes hard work and dedication on your part!  However, if we truly want to step into our God sized destiny we will have to be willing to roll up our sleeves and get to work!!  Stop making excuses for why you haven’t seen things happening in your life, start take steps towards the dream.  Even if they are just baby steps!!

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