Christmas Giveaway Week 1: 5 Clean Cookie Recipes

Christmas Giveaway Week 1: 5 Clean Cookie Recipes

I am so excited for this Christmas season!!  Last month at our church we were talking about being generous with our time, words, and yes even money!!  One night as a lay in bed, I was thinking, how can I bless all my wonderful friends.  Then, I got this idea of giving away something each week, just to bless you!!  I wanted each week to have significance in Love Life Now.  So each give away, will have something to do with either blessing your physical body, your mind, your spirit, or all three!!

I know many of you are gearing up for Christmas parties and Christmas fun, which may involve cookies!  However, how many of you want to go to a Christmas party each sugar filled cookies and not feel well because of it.  Not me!!! So why not make cookies that taste yummy, but are not filled with the junk!!!  I have chosen 5 fun recipes, some to replace traditional Christmas cookies and some that are great all year round!!  To receive the recipes just enter name and email and the recipes will be sent to your inbox!! 

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