Christmas Giveaway Week 2: Peace and Joy!!

With Christmas season in full swing, we can often find ourselves caught up in gift buying and party planning that we put ourselves on the back burner.  To get it all done we are burning the candle at both ends!!  We often find ourselves in a state of worry over getting everything done and trying to make everything perfect!  When the Christmas season is over, we wonder where it went!  We never take time to enjoy the season or even the reason for the season!! So for this weeks giveaway, I wanted to give you something that nourished your soul!

About a month ago, I spoke at a woman’s retreat and on Saturday morning I felt God lead me to speak about anxiety, worry, and, about our rights as children of God.  I thought, this teaching would be a perfect gift to you this Christmas!! I was able to record my teaching on my phone while I spoke, so sound quality is not the greatest.  However, the message is loud and clear and I pray that this recording helps restore the Peace and Joy that God has given you!!

Here is the link to the song Who I Am by Blanca

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