Just Because Your 30 Doesn’t Mean You Are Destined To Be Over Weight

How many of you have heard that your metabolism slows down after you turn 30???  Yes, I am sure everyone of you have.  I have always had a hidden fear about turning 30 simply because I didn’t want to become overweight.  Silly, I know!  See when I was growing up, my mom always complained about her weight, and she was never happy with herself.  When I was a little kids I swore that I would never be over weight.  See, I thought that being skinny=being healthy and happy.  Oh boy, did I have a lot to learn!!  It wasn’t until I was just about 30 that I had to come face to face with my false belief about weight.  For the most part, I was the type of person that could eat just about anything and not gain weight.  Even after my pregnancies, I had a fairly easy time dropping the weight.  I thought for the most part I was a healthy person.  I had good friends try and share about the importance of eating healthy, but honestly I didn’t pay much attention.  I thought, I’m not over weight so why should I care so much about the food I eat.  Well, in the year of 2013, that all came to a crashing halt.  Bad eating had begun to catch up with me, I had become the heaviest I ever had been in my adult life.  I was tired all the time.  I lived for nap time!!  Ever been there? Sad part was, that I didn’t have any children taking naps anymore, but I still was!  I tried all the normal things to lose weight – cut calories and exercise, but not a pound would budge.  Yes, the thought crossed my mind, maybe it’s because I am almost 30.  However, I refused to settle for that excuse!  I didn’t want to just sit back and accept defeat!  I started to dig in and find the truth about the food we ate!  Thankfully, God sent good friends to speak into my life again.  The difference…. this time I listened!!  I was simply amazed at how the processed food I had been consuming for years was affecting my body!! YIKES!!  I was at a complete loss for words, when I realized all the sugar in everything we were consuming!!  My chiropractor had suggested a book to read, called Maximized Living Nutrition Plan!!   That helped give me the information I needed to change how we ate!  Starting September 1, 2013, our whole family started our healthy eating journey!! Month one had it’s ups and downs.  We had some great meals and some not so great meals!  During that month another friend of mine, Christal Cheney, introduced me to this nutritional cleansing system, called Isagenix. It fit in perfectly

 with what we were doing! It was a complete nutritional cleansing system!  Oh boy!  Did I need cleansing!!!  Isagenix was like the missing piece I was looking for!  Within the first two months, I released 20 lbs (we say released because if you lose something you find it, and I didn’t want to find that again) and Jonathan released 30 lbs!

 The best part was that I felt like I gained my life back!  I didn’t need naps anymore! I felt like the fog that had been over my life had lifted! I gained back my passion for life again! I know my whole family could tell a difference in me!! Not only did I use Isagenix products, but my whole family starting using them!  See it’s not just a weight loss program, it’s a nutrition program!  Our soils are depleted and do not have the nutrition in them like they used too!  When I started using Isagenix it was like my body lit up from all the vitamins and minerals that were in the products because I was lacking them in the foods I ate!!  My kids’ health has been affected dramatically too!!  In two years, we literally have had 1 kiddo get sick with the flu!!  We would be with people and find out the next day they had gotten sick, but we would never get sick!  Having good nutrition has boosted our immune system so much, we could fight off sickness with no problem. I thank God, that He brought this into our lives!  I truly believe that God wants me to pass this gift I have been given on to others!  Yes, I said gift!!  Health is truly a precious gift we are given, and making sure we guard our health and invest into our health is so vital!  My team is working passionately to empower other families with the gift of health!!  If you want to learn more about this amazing gift check out our Facebook event Tuesday August 18th at 8pm here.  Or check out this video Why Isagenix and shoot me a message to learn more!

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