Love Life Now

What is Love Life Now all about you ask?? LLN is all about loving the life God has given you now!  It will range from spiritual, inspirational, relationships, real life moments, health and wellness, and nutrition.  I believe you need all of this aspects in line in order to truly love your life now!  I come from a back ground of a people pleaser.  Anyone relate??  I cared more about how others around me felt, than about how I felt.  Sure there is a time and moment for that, but living your life like that is EXHAUSTING!!  Plus, the sad part was no matter how hard I tried to make everyone around me happy, it never worked.  Someone was always not happy.  More importantly I was never really happy.  I felt confused by what I should be doing with my life and that’s when God showed me that I would never have clear direction until I started caring more about what God thought about me than what everyone else thought about me. So join me on this journey of learning to love this life God has giving me and start Living My Life Now!! 11224670_10153048784971699_54099278919239806_n

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