Whole Life Challenge!

I have been a health and wellness coach for almost 2 years now, and one of the hardest things is when someone you’re working with falls off the map.  You pour into someone’s life and they do well for a while, then slowly they stop answering phone calls and start going back in the same direction you helped them get out of!  It breaks my heart to see people start a transformation and then not complete it!  Everyone has their different reasons for backing down, but many times it boils down to mindsetOur mindsets can hold us back from breakthrough!  So hence, birthed the idea of a 60 day whole life challenge!  Where we not only help conquer clean eating, cleansing, and exercise, but we also deal with this stubborn thing called mindset!!

I am so excited for this challenge because never before have I offered a health challenge in conjunction with a mindset training!  This could transform those who choose to participate and complete it!  Yes, it will take commitment and time, but you are so worth it!!

Here are the details:  Challenge starts Sept. 21st and ends November 18th (yes, right before Thanksgiving)!  Daily you will log-in and complete a mindset training.  It should take about 15mins of your time!!  Everyone has 15mins they can use to help transform their mindset!!  You will use a nutritional cleansing system every day for the 60 days!  Yes, your body needs help getting rid of those built up toxins that make your body store fat and make you feel run down and sluggish!!  Plus, it will replenish your body with much needed nutrients!  You will get a 20 min weekly coaching call from one of my clean eating coaches.  We will help you learn about clean eating, give you recipes, and tips on clean eating.  We will help you create and make a meal plan to help you stay successful!  You will be added to a private FB coaching page.  We will also be hosting bi-weekly group calls to help hold each other accountable!



Can’t wait to get started??  Me either!!  Comment on this blog if you want more info or

contact me directly at legatt@sbcglobal.net!!

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